GreenHouse Vertex


The GreenHouse Vertex is a proposal deployable structure, quick assembly, and lightweight. Of domestic use.  20 square meter approx.


• – Can be used to cover large open areas.
• – It is possible to observe their load-deformation behavior.
• – Can be assembled quickly, saving on-site labor and time.
• – Easily transportable.
• – Can be designed to be either temporary or permanent.
• – Can be quickly assembled and disassembled.
• – Can be quickly removed and then reused later.

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The R+D team of DSS Studio has patent pending number in process of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

N° Patent: 3.041.767

Title of Invention: System of Deployable Lattice Girder With Triangular Section Using Articulated Straight Bars

Deployable Arch V1
Deployable Arch V2